Drift Vans shape your experiences of life on the go. We offer possibilities that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your desired purpose. Years of working in home building and a keen sense of spatial relationships allow us to generate the optimal use of the interior. Better designs do more with less. Keep it simple but well-thought out.

Equally important to the interior design, and often overlooked, are the qualities of the building materials. I emphasize long term durability and dependability over short term gratification. Will the build last through all the various uses and conditions? Can the material be easily repaired or serviced? Are the components dependable and issue free? For Drift Vans, the obvious answers are yes. Since the van is a small living space, the health aspects of the materials used are critical, such as product off-gassing. Drift Vans carefully scrutinizes all the materials used, in order to build the healthiest living space possible. Throughout the entire build process, Drift Vans considers the many facets of the van’s functions, to ultimately build a versatile and dialed ride.