The aesthetics of Drift Vans are congruent with nature. The form or look of the interior creates this appealing vibe. My background in sculpture and building design helped developed my ability to critically think through the endless possibilities of choice along the creative path. Nothing is arbitrary. Originality inspires me, and creative problem solving motivates me as a designer and builder. Beauty is about the little details that communicate and work together.   Every detail is important, and all options are considered.  I will work with you through all the material choices and combinations, to build your desired get-away. I suggest using various materials like wood, metal, textiles, stone, tiles or commissioned art work, to give the space uniqueness and style. I have the knowledge and skill required to use these varied materials.  Through years of practice, I gained a true craftsman’s skill, touch, and patience. I enjoy taking the extra time needed to accomplish unique details. I am rewarded at every step of the build process, watching each perfect final product evolve.